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    Well, the Tech 1 MTB is done. The weekend was an overall success.
Everybody left with sore ribs. Not from the activities, but more from the constant
laughter. To say the mood was light would be an understatement.
    Everyone went away with a head full of hints and tips on coaching. Our coarse conductor, Loyal Ma from Alberta is an excellent coarse conductor and teacher.
He has more knowledge and wisdom than any of us could probably learn.
It's no wonder his Cyclists call him YODA.
     We had some nice riding on Sunday. Alittle cool and windy, but generally nice to be on the bike.

      Goto the photo page to checkout some of the photo's from this past weekend.

The event was held at Paradis De La P'Tite Montagne

For more information you may also contact:
Andre Ouellette at: ( 506 ) 473-5778 evenings
                                 ( 506 ) 473-2727  days  or

Email at :

There are going to be other events held by Velo NB in the near Future.

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